Emergency & Out of Hours Care

Accessing Urgent Veterinary Care - If we are closed.

Please note: Due to the need to book an available time slot with a vet (and delays associated) we do not operate an emergency home call out response. In the event of an emergency requiring urgent care, we are able to refer you to attend one of our partner practices local to you.

What to do in an Emergency

For all our registered clients:

Out of Hours: When we are closed our emergency out of hours partners will help your pet.

VetsNow: 01383 620 064

Emergency Home Vet (London): 020 8073 0500

Daytime: In the event of needing urgent care for your pet, call us and we will be able to arrange for referral to one of our partner practices local to you. Emergency, life saving care often requires the facilities of a traditional practice.

After Hours Care

When we are closed you can access advice and veterinary care via our telemedicine service supplied by Vet Triage.

This service will enable you to have a video consultation with a veterinary surgeon to get the care you are seeking.

If you are a registered client and need to see a vet urgently, you will be referred to one of our out of hours emergency care suppliers.

Home visit pet euthanasia: - Non Urgent.

If you would like to enquire about putting a pet to sleep at home, please fill in our contact form and we contact you to arrange this upon opening.

If you require an urgent home visit for pet euthanasia, please contact our Vet Triage (above) to see if one of our vets is available to attend. 

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