Solensia Arthritis & Mobility Injections for Cats

Solensia Injections for Cats

Solensia Injections for Cats at Home

You may already be using Solensia for your cat or have a prescription for Solensia, however the monthly visits to the vet practice for your Injection can be stressful for both you and your cat. You can book Vets 2 Your Pets to supply and administer your cats monthly  Solensia injection in the comfort of your own home.
The effects of Solensia last for 4 weeks. Vets 2 Your Pets ltd can schedule a visit and inject the medication, monthly, at home to ensure the best response.
Cats suffer from arthritis and stiffness of movement as they get older like any other pet. It can be difficult to tell if a cat is in pain as they will often adjust their behaviour to manage the arthritic pain; sleeping more and longer as they get older. Cats can lose some of their mobility as their stiffness progresses and so not be able to jump and get about as they would have before. 
Solensia for cats is a new treatment designed to control your cat’s osteoarthritis pain. Removing pain associated with arthritis and allowing your cat to have a better range of movement. In a clinical study, cat owners reported that Solensia injections improved their cat’s quality of life, comfort, and overall well-being.
  • Controlling OA pain in cats, which can lead to an easier time moving about
  • A once-monthly injection given at your home by our Vets or Vet Nurses
  • Works like your cat’s naturally made antibodies to reduce pain signals
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