Cat Euthanasia At Home

Understanding the Process and Costs

One of the most challenging experiences for any pet owner is losing a beloved feline companion. As our cherished cats age or confront terminal illnesses, the decision to euthanise, inevitably becomes part of our responsibility as caregivers. While the conventional choice often involves having this procedure conducted at a veterinary clinic, an increasing number of pet owners are now considering the option of cat euthanasia at home. This page explores the process involved, its merits, and the associated costs.

What is Home Cat Euthanasia?

Home euthanasia for cats with Vets 2 Your Pets ltd, allows you to have an experienced veterinarian attend to your cat at home where her or she feel safe and comfortable. Here our vet will administer a sedation and then the euthanasia drugs in a familiar and comfortable environment. This approach enables your beloved feline to peacefully pass away at home, surrounded by familiar scents and the presence of loved ones, instead of in a clinical setting.

Cat Euthanasia Cost

House Call for Quality of Life Assessment or Palliative Care: £167

Cat Home Visit, Sedation & Euthanasia: £296,

Urgent/Same Day/Weekend Call Out Surcharge: £99

Bank Holiday Weekend Surcharge: £117:

Speak to us to organise & arrange standard or return of ashes cat cremations.

When Time Comes To Say Goodbye

The cost of home euthanasia for cats can vary depending on factors such as location and travel distance and sometimes additional services requested. Our fees for a cat euthanasia at home encompasses the consultation, sedation, and then euthanasia procedure itself. To find out if a travel fee applies to your area please get in touch with your post code and our helpful team will advise you appropriately. 

We can arrange and facilitate your cats cremation with your usual vet or a private pet crematorium. Prices and costs of cremation vary depending on the company and type of cremation service requested. Cremations fees are billed separately by the crematorium or your usual vet practice. 

Traditional practices are finding it more and more difficult to spare staff to be able to provide a home visit service. To this end Vets 2 Your Pets has veterinarians across the UK who are dedication to providing gentle and dignified cat euthanasia at home, when your normal vet practice is unable.

What's the process?

1. Initial Enquiries:
Your journey typically begins with a telephone enquiry to one of our compassionate veterinary nurses. During this call, our team will assess and explore your cat’s condition, engage in discussions regarding your options, and address any concerns you may have.

2. Scheduling the Appointment:
Once you’ve decided on home euthanasia, we will schedule an appointment for the procedure. Our veterinarians offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your needs and ensure the comfort of your pet.

3. Preparation:
Preparing a tranquil and comfortable space for the procedure is paramount. This may involve arranging blankets or pillows where your cat can rest undisturbed. If your cat wants to eat – do feel free to give as many treats as you like before we arrive.

4. The Home Euthanasia visit:
Upon our veterinarian’s arrival, they will walk you through the procedure and address any final queries you may have. Typically, the process involves first administering a sedation to remove any anxiety, followed by an intravenous injection of a euthanasia solution. This calmly and painlessly induces unconsciousness and cessation of bodily functions.

5. Aftercare:
After the procedure our vet will “step outside” to give you a private moment with your beloved cat. When you feel ready the vet will be available to help position or move your cat to a location that suits you. We will have pre-arranged the cremation option you desire and our vet will take your cat with them or the pet crematorium will shortly arrive to collect them for you.

Benefits of Home Euthanasia

While home euthanasia may entail a higher cost compared to the traditional clinic based option, many pet owners find it to be a worthwhile investment for the comfort and peace of mind it provides.

1. Comfort and Familiarity:
Being at home minimises stress for both you and your cat during this challenging time. Your feline friend can be surrounded by a familiar environment, scents, and the comforting presence of loved ones, offering solace in their final moments.

2. Privacy and Control:
Home euthanasia allows for a more intimate and private experience, devoid of the distractions and formality often associated with a veterinary clinic. You have control over the environment, ensuring that your cat’s passing is as gentle and dignified as possible.

3. Reduced Stress:
For cats prone to anxiety or fear during vet visits, home euthanasia eliminates the stress of traveling and being in an unfamiliar environment, enabling them to remain calm and relaxed.

Deciding to put a beloved cat to sleep is an immensely personal and emotional choice. Home euthanasia offers a compassionate and dignified means of bidding farewell to your cherished feline companion in a familiar and nurturing  home environment. The comfort, privacy, and serenity it offers both you and your cat make it a valuable option for many pet owners confronting this difficult decision. 

Ensuring that your cat’s final moments are filled with love, compassion and dignity is paramount.

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