Dog & Cat End of Life Care
Pet Euthanasia at Home.

Putting Your Cat or Dog to Sleep Calmly & Peacefully at Home.

When the difficult time comes to say goodbye and put your beloved friend to sleep; we can help with a quiet, stress free, no travel, euthanasia at home. We can guide you with the decision process and carry out putting your beloved pet to sleep peacefully. Stay with your pet in their final moments, and have time to say goodbye.  We offer at home end of life care & palliative care for dogs, cats and rabbits. All our dog, cat & rabbit euthanasias are assisted with sedation to alleviate any stress. Our priority is that your pet passes away from this world in a comfortable and peaceful manner that they deserve.

Quality of Life Assessment

It is not always easy to know if the time has come to proceed with euthanasia (putting your pet to sleep) or not. This can be a very hard decision and cause a-lot of anxiety. Our vets are all highly experienced and we are happy to perform a separate Palliative Care Home Assessment for your dog or cat. We will assess your concerns and evaluate your pets quality of life in their natural environment at home. We can assess how they are managing with their illness and what impact it is having on them and you. Giving you an honest evaluation of the kindest option or if treatment potential are available to enhance your pets quality of life.

Cremation Services

There are a number of decision to make regarding managing your dog, cat or rabbit’s body after being put to sleep. Please see our  pet cremation services page for further information on pet cremation options, pet crematoriums and their locations along with pet bereavement services.  We work alongside a number of crematoriums and cremation service providers.  Speak to us today and we  can advise of the expected Pet cremation costs as well manage and organise your pets cremation.

Home visit euthanasia estimated prices

House Call for Quality of Life Assessment or Palliative Care :  £167

Home Visit, Sedation & Euthanasia : Small £296, Medium £316 Large £339.50, Giant Breed £355

Urgent/Same Day/Weekend Call Out Surcharge: £99

Bank Holiday Weekend Surcharge: £117 

1) Standard Cremation *estimate : Rabbit £126.00, Cat £126.00, Dog £132.00-£160.00

2) Individual Cremation with Return Of Ashes : £329.00-£455.00

When Time Comes To Say Goodbye

The decision to put your pet to sleep is not always an easy one, we understand this and strive to make it as stress-free for you and your friend as possible. You can speak to a member of our team over the phone or by email, knowing that we have your pet’s welfare at heart. Our team are all animal lovers and can empathise with the pain and difficulty that pet loss can bring. We will be supportive of you and your wishes whilst arranging a home visit vet appointment. You and your pet will be treated with the utmost dignity and respect through your experience with us. Any questions about having your dog put down, cat put to sleep or letting your rabbit go are welcome with our experienced team.

Once the appointment is arranged our vet comes to you for a home visit euthanasia, meaning you and your pet don’t need to travel. We will always do our best to make this at the most convenient time for you, even if that means coming out in the evening once everybody is home. You and your pet can stay where you are the most comfortable and feel safest. No more worry about getting to the vets or being in public during a difficult time, everything is carried out calmly and privately at home.

Pet Euthanasia options in your area

It’s not always possible for your vet practice to arrange a home visit for your pet to be put to sleep. We know many people prefer for this to be carried out in their home, so we offer this service on behalf of your practice. Vets 2 Your Pets Ltd is happy to work alongside your local practices in your area and carry out a Euthanasia House call on your practice’s behalf.  In many cases we can also help with returning your pets body to your veterinary practice for cremation services. Our vet near you – in your area will be able to attend your home as a house visit to help you with the decision making and carry out putting your pet to sleep.

We perform Dog, Cat & Rabbit Home Euthanasia in the following areas and surrounds:

  • Buckinghamshire & Northamptonshire : Milton Keynes, Northampton,  Banbury
  • Oxfordshire : Oxford, Bicester, 
  • Worcestershire and Staffordshire : Birmingham, Rugby, Coventry
  • Midlands& Nottinghamshire : Nottingham, Worksop, Sheffield, Derby, Retford, Mansfield, Leicester
  • Scottish Borders & Edinburgh : Berwick, Dalkieth, Duns, Selkirk, Galasheils 
  • Mid Wales : Welshpool, Guilsfield, Llangyniew, Montgomery
  • London : London, Greater London
  • Shropshire : Telford, Shrewsbury, Ironbridge, Wolverhampton, Stafford. Stoke on Trent.
  • Cumbria: Preston, Blackburn, Clitheroe, Morecambe, Settle
  • East Yorkshire : Bridlington, Driffield, Scarborough, Skipsea 
  • North East England: Durham, Newcastle, Darlington, Middlesbrough   
  • Surrey : Guildford

Palliative Care and Quality of Life assessment for your pet

It can be very difficult to know if the time has come to make the final decision or if there are further treatment options available for your beloved pet. When your pet is very unwell their mobility or size may make it impossible to get your pet to the vet practice. A house call from our vet can afford you the opportunity to have your pet’s quality of life assessed at home. The benefit of this being carried out at home is that the vet can see the environment your pet lives in and suggest any changes that may benefit them. Our experienced vets will be able to assess your pet’s well-being and address any concerns that may be worrying you. Seeing how your pet is managing at home allows us to advise and help you with the decision of when is the correct time to look at putting a pet to sleep. Our vet can advise on further treatment options or medication as appropriate, or if your pets health and quality of life has declined, we can explain this and arrange a time to proceed to euthanasia when you are ready.

Dog or Cat Euthanasia at home service in your area

Vets 2 Your Pets is a dedicated home visit service for end of life care.  We believe that when the time comes to put your pet to sleep, that this is best performed at home where they are comfortable and happy. By visiting your home we can ensure that your dog or cat is not disturbed, stressed or upset in their last moments. We understand this is a difficult time and you, too will be upset  with many questions. Being at home allows you space and time to process these emotions. A home visit euthanasia allows you to be by your pet’s side or holding them when they pass away. Carrying out end of life care at home allows us to take our time in a calm and quiet setting; giving you the time to say goodbye in your own way.

Putting a dog or cat to sleep – what is the procedure?

Our motto is “Stress Free Vet Care” and we believe in a peaceful put to sleep so our vets will use sedation during the visit to alleviate all stress in your pets passing. A euthanasia at home affords us the opportunity to take as much time as needed. We work slowly and patiently with your friend. Letting them get reassurance from you and be comfortable first. We also have the time to go over any questions or concerns you may have. Your pet will feel no anxiety after the sedation injection and they may even start to feel tired and start to fall asleep, it can take 10-15 minutes to take full effect.  Once very sleepy and sedated we then place a catheter to administer a final dose of a strong anaesthetic that will allow your dog or cat to pass away. The benefit of being at home is that they can be wherever they feel the most content whilst this happens, even if that’s on your lap, on the sofa or in their own bed.

It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to be upset, it’s okay to not want to be in the room when it happens. We understand that saying goodbye hurts.

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