Pet Cremations

Pet Cremation Services

The decision of what to do with your pets body after being put to sleep can be varied and confusing. Do give us a call and we are happy to discuss all the options available.

The standard process is for your pet to be cremated, however if available you are permitted to bury your pet in you own garden or land. If you opt for a cremation service then you have two options to chose from.

  1. Standard cremation where  your pets ashes are kept and buried by the pet crematorium. This is often the most economical option costing between £30.00-£150.00
  2. An Individual Cremation and return of the ashes to you. Here you can decide to have the ashes returned to you for keeping in an urn or casket; or a “scatter tube” to allow you to bury or scatter the ashes at a location dear to you or your pet. Cost of this type of pet cremation varies depending on the casket/urn or remembrance item selected. Average costs are £180-£450

Vets 2 Your Pets is happy to arrange for a cremation to be carried out through one of our trusted partner organisations and if desired, have your dog or cats ashes returned to you for keeping or scattering. We work closely with independent crematoriums across the UK, and look to arrange your pet’s cremation to be performed near you for convenient return of your pet’s ashes in an Urn, Casket or Scatter Tube.

A further option, that can sometimes be more economical and trusted, is for us to transfer your pets body to your normal vet practice for them to carry out the cremation and return of ashes (as desired). 

You may have already selected and made all the arrangements with a crematorium for the  collection of your pets body. We are very happy to work alongside your selected pet crematorium company and just concentrate on the peaceful home euthanasia.

Pet cremation cost, as indicated above, vary broadly, pending on the type, size of your pet and the remembrance urn or service you require. Please note: cremation fees are invoiced and paid independently to the pet crematorium or vet practice and are not included in our Pet Home Visit Euthanasia fees. Please feel free to call us  to discuss the options available and expected pet cremation costs near you. We are happy to help you navigate through this decision process.

A house call out for pet euthanasia by our home visiting vets will ensure your beloved dog, cat, or rabbit is put sleep in a calm, peaceful manner. In the environment they are happy and comfortable in. 

Recomended Pet Crematoriums:

Pet cremation in Warwickshire and surrounds
Pet cremation in Durham and Newcastle
  • Forget Me Not (DL5 6HT) 01325 30715
  • Northumbria Pet Cremations (NE48 3JN) 07393 481561
Pet cremation in Hartlepool and North Yorkshire
  • Sweet Dreams Pet Creamtion (YO13 9HD) 01723 862010
  • Roxys Rainbow (TS25 1PU) 07376601566
Pet cremation in Central Yorkshire
  • Craven Pet Crematorium (BD20 9HG) 07881 786714  
  • Pets at Rest Yorkshire (BD13 3RR) 01274 835296
Pet cremation in Towcester
  • Restful Pets (NN12 6HP) 01327 317449
Pet cremation in Milton Keynes, Buckingham and surrounds
  • Trusted Friends (MK17 9EH) 07514 226671
  • Orchard Pet Crematorium (LU7 0AP) 07496 627394
Pet cremation in Birmingham and Walsall
  • Willow View Pet Cremation (WS3 4QQ) 07545 818068
  • Prestwood Pet Crematorium (DY7 5QT) 01384 873738
  • Companions Pet Cremation (B47 6NG) 01564 660 199
Pet cremation in Guilford and surrounds
  • Dignity Pet Crematorium (RG27 8BU) 01252 844572
  • Silvermere Haven (KT11 1DZ) 01932 868847
Pet cremation in Worksop
  •  At Rest Pet Cremation Services (NG20 0EA) 07596 688119
  •  WJW Pet Cremation Services (S65 4LY) 07956 258664 or 07919 440546
Pet cremation in Nottingham
  • Forget Me Nott (NG9 3PQ) 07980486715
  • Nottingham Pet Crematorium (NG2 6NR) 01159 816850
  • Gedling Pet Cremation (NG5 6JQ) 0115 9013713
Pet cremation in Leicester and surrounds
  • Kings Hill Cremation (CV13 6DD)
Pet cremation in Herefordshire
  • Animal Funeral Services (HR5 3HX) 01544 340277 or 07970 875244
Pet cremation in South East Scotland
  • Livingston area: CPC Livingston (EH54 5DL) 01506 833686
  • Whitburn area: iCare Pet Cremation (EH47 0LQ) 01501 741626
  • East Lothian area: Edinburgh and Lothian Pet Crematorium (EH42 1QS) 07787 506 104
  • Kelso area: Border Pet Cremation (TD6 9LW) 07903 557479
Pet cremation in Lancashire
  • Leyland Pet Crematorium and Cemetery (PR25 5DA) 01772 622466
  • Valley of Animals (OL14 8SB) 07803 541880

Pet cremating estimated prices

1) Standard Cremation *estimate : Rabbit £126.00, Cat £126.00, Dog £132.00-£150.00

2) Individual Cremation with Return Of Ashes : £180.00-£480.00

Pet cremation and return of ashes for dogs, cats and rabbits in your area

We have a number of options and solutions for managing your pet’s body after being put to sleep at home. You can if feasible bury your pet at home, otherwise the most common request is to have a pet cremated.

A standard cremation can be carried out where the ashes are kept and buried by the pet crematorium. An alternative option is to have your pet’s ashes returned to you to keep or scatter yourself.  We work alongside a number of independent crematoriums in all areas of the UK, most of which will come to your home and collect your pet after euthanasia. Pet cremation is available for dogs, cats and rabbits. Alternatively, we also work with your own practice and can facilitate returning your pets body to your own practice for them to carry out the cremation of your choosing. 

There are many options for having their ashes returned to you, everything from scattering tubes to bespoke jewellery with their ashes inside. Our team can guide you through any of these options if you would like that.

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