Mobile Vet: For Vet Care at Home & Pet Vaccinations

Veterinary Care For Your Pet At Home

Getting to the Vet Practice is not always convenient or economical.  At Vets 2 Your Pets you can book for one of our local regional mobile vets, to come to your home or place of work to carry out Vaccinations, Health Checks or at the time of needing your pet Put to Sleep.

We charge a £166.70 home visit fee plus the service or products you require.

A very economical way to get all pets in a multi-pet household treated or vaccinated. Not to mention Conveniently at home.

Our Mobile Vets Perform:

  • Vaccinations at Home: All Adult and Starter vaccines.
  • Peaceful Euthanasia at home: When it is time to say goodbye and stop any suffering.
  • Health checks at Home: Arthritis clinics and minor ailments.
  • Animal Export and Travel Documents. Animal Health Cert & Export Health Cert.
  • Monthly Alergy & Arthritis Treatments. Cytopoint, Librel &Solensia
  • Vet Nurse Home Care. Animal Care visits  by qualified Veterinary Nurses

Vets 2 Your Pets  brings routine  veterinary health care to your pet at home.  With vets and vet nurses  located across the UK  we are able to attend and care for your furry friend  at home where they are most comfortable. As we can only bring the equipment we can carry, Vets 2 Your Pets  are a “Limited Veterinary Service Provider” offering only a select set of routine  veterinary services  listed below.   

In the event your pet requires more involved care, diagnostic test or surgery, we are able to refer you to one of our collaborating traditional veterinary practices local to you.

Please note if your pet is very unwell and likely to need urgent medical intervention we will likely refer you immediately to a local practice, prior to a home visit health check, in order to expedite care.


Select the Type of Home Vet Care
Visit You Require:

Putting a Pet to Sleep at Home
Veterinary Nurse Home Visits
Monthly Allergy Injections at Home
Purchase Prescription Medication & Parasite Control Online
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