Kitten Breeder Package

Kitten Vaccination Costs:

We charge a single visit fee of £160* and then a vaccine, health check & microchip charge per kitten treated.

  • First Vacc & Microchip: Flu/Ent                £45.50
  • First Vacc & Microchip: Flu/Ent+Leuk      £59.60
  • First Vacc -NO Microchip: Flu/Ent            £32
  • First Vacc -NO Microchip: Flu/Ent+Leuk  £48 

    *Up to 5 litter mates treated: there is a charge of £9.99 for each additional kitten.

Please note that these prices are estimates and that an additional travel fee may apply depending on your location. If you are within 10 miles of our vet then no travel fee will apply. If you are more than 10 miles from our vet a travel fee of 75p per mile will apply. For a personalised cost please contact us.

You can also order kitten flea and worm products for delivery when we visit you.

Having your litter of new kittens examined and vaccinated at home has the benefit of not risking exposing vulnerable kittens to disease challenges before they are vaccinated.

Our vet will health check all the litter mates and ensure they are fit and well. We can then administer their first vaccine and microchip them, ready for rehoming.

We vaccinate all new kittens with trusted brands allowing for easy follow on second vaccination by the new owners.

Vaccine choices are,

  • Flu Enteritis only
  • Flu Enteritis and Leukaemia

We can also discuss and supply parasite control for your litters at the time of the visit.

Kitten Breeder

First Vacc and Microchip Flu/Ent, First Vacc and Microchip Flu/Ent/Leuk

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