Rabbit Vaccination at Home.

We charge a single home visit fee of £166.50* and then a vaccine and health care charge as below, per animal treated.

  • Annual Rabbit Vaccine  Nobivac Myxomatosis + VDH plus:       £68.72

*up to 2 pets treated: there is a charge of £13.00 for each additional pet

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Please note that these prices are estimates and that an additional travel fee may apply depending on your location. If you are within 10 miles of our vet then no travel fee will apply, after 10 miles there is an additional fee of 75p per mile. For a personalised cost please contact us.

You can also order prescription flea and worm products while we are with you for subsequent delivery in the post

Annual rabbit booster vaccination are extremely important to maintain active immunity against life threatening diseases your pet will encounter throughout its life.

We perform a full clinical health assessment and administer the required vaccination at home in your pet’s comfortable environment.

Routine annual booster vaccinations including 1)  VHD2 + Myxomatosis , using  Nobivac Myxo VHD PLUS.

For new rabbits or if your pet’s vaccines have lapsed, a single annual injection is all that is needed to complete the vaccine course.

Rabbit Vaccine Types

Annual myxo + VHD, VHD2

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