Rimadyl Box of 100 Palatable Tablets – 20mg, 50mg or 100mg

Rimadyl is a Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug containing Carprofen.  for the use of controlling peri-operative and arthritic pain.

The pain of osteoarthritis, or OA, may affect not only how dogs function but how they feel and act too. Osteoarthritis, is a progressive condition that occurs when the cartilage protecting the bones gradually deteriorates, or breaks down over time.

1 Tub contains 100 Tablets

RIMADYL is the most trusted OA pain medicine that helps get dogs back to their playful, lovable selves.

More information can be found here: Data Sheet 


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Arthritis medication

Tablet options

Rimadyl Palatable Tablets 20mg (box of 100), Rimadyl Palatable Tablets 50mg (box of 100), Rimadyl Palatable Tablets 100mg (box of 100)

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