Solensia Injection for Cats At Home

Our vet can examine your cat at home and assess if Solensia is the best medication for the treatment of your cats stiffness and pain. We are then able to return monthly  to administer follow on treatments in the comfort of your own home where your best friend is comfortable and relaxed.

Cost for Solensia Injections at Home Per Visit:

  • Injection per cat (2.5-7kg – 7mg vial):           £177.45

Solensia comes in a pack of 2 vials : bookings are made for a minimum of two treatment visits.

Vets 2 Your Pets Ltd, can manage your  pet insurance claim for these products.

Please note that these prices are estimates and that an additional travel fee of 75p per mile may apply depending on your location. For a personalised cost, or if your cat’s weight is outside the ranges above, please contact us.

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Solensia is a prescription medication and must be prescribed by a vet  and administered by a vet or vet nurse. Following a health check  and examination, our vet would be able to assess if Solensia is appropriate for your cat, or if other treatments  are applicable. Once Solensia is prescribed, Vets 2 Your Pets can administer the medication via a single injection under the skin once a month.

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