Peaceful Goodbye

When the difficult time comes to say goodbye to your beloved friend; we can help with a stress free, no travel, euthanasia at home. We will help and guide you with the decision process and carry out putting your pet to sleep peacefully.

Costs for pet euthanasia at home are made up of the following fees.


  • Home Visit for Sedation & Euthanasia Estimates :
    Put to Sleep Cat & Small Dog  £296
    Put to Sleep Medium Dog  £316
    Put to Sleep Large Dog Put £339.50
    Put to Sleep Giant Breed £355

Please note that these prices are estimates and that an additional travel fee may apply depending on your location. If you are within 10 miles of our vet then no travel fee will apply. If you are further than this then a travel charge of 75p per mile will apply. For a personalised cost please contact us.

  • Palliative Care & Quality of Life Assessment home visit :  £167
  • Urgent/ Same Day / Weekend Call Out Surcharge:   £99
  • Bank Holiday Call Out Surcharge: £117


  • Standard Cremation & Individual Cremation can be arranged, please enquire on contact.

Stay with your pet in their final moments, and have time to say goodbye. All our pet euthanasia are assisted with sedation to alleviate any stress. Our priority is that your pet passes from this world in a comfortable and peaceful manner that they deserve.

Afterwards we can arrange for a cremation to be carried out, and if desired, have your pet’s ashes returned to you for keeping or scattering. You can also keep your pet for burial or have another trusted organisation manage the cremation for you. Vets 2 Your Pets ensure put your dog, cat, or rabbit  is put to sleep painlessly.

Saying Goodbye

Cremation with return of ashes, Euthanasia

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